In the cracks

January 23, 2008

In the cracks; photo by Roger Bourland

Looking in the cosmic mirror I realize that I have gravitated towards being “in the cracks” a term that means in between two contrasting points of view. I played in rock and bluegrass bands in college but missed the musical intelligence classical music gave me. In college, I embraced the avante garde but gave up hope of ever having a full spectrum emotive experience listening to any of it.

The music I am writing reflects this in-the-cracks status. I try for a technicolor emotive experience without the emphasis on various shades of angst that is prerequisite to writing hip modern music these days. I try to avoid to the bang-your-head-against-the-wall omnipresent BEAT of dumb ass pop music, but I love to write music that encourages the listener to move to the music or even tap their foot.

Ending up in the new UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music is the most exciting new challenge of my life. Although we are still figuring out what it all means, the “in-the-cracks” status seems to be one that will be encouraged here. I’m honored to be Chair during this growth period.

[Photo © Roger Bourland “In the Cracks”]

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