Note to Tim Gunn

February 9, 2008


Dear Tim

I love watching you on Project Runway. People tell me that we look alike, but you have MUCH better clothes. You have inspired one of our administrators here in the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music who now quotes you regularly and isn’t even gay. His favorite motto now is “rally!”

My note to you has to do with how you use your glasses. Watching you, you have a lot of facial distortion as you peer over the top of your glasses. Tim, you don’t need to do that. Probably not good for your eyes and gives you even MORE wrinkles. My guess is that you had some role model in your past who wore half glasses and you found that “style” attractive and have consciously or unconsciously emulated it yourself. Peering over your glasses is normal if you have half glasses, but you are wearing regular glasses, and you feel compelled to look over them as you scrutinize the designers’s work. Get progressive lenses where the prescription is nil at the top so you don’t have to fight whatever prescription you have in your glasses and peer over them. Glasses should be a tool for you to see, not a face distorter.

Unless that is the image you are trying to project,



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