Every game is different

March 3, 2008

Even though the rules for a particular game are the same, world-wide, every game is different. Those games include gin rummy, Sudoku, tennis, baseball, basketball, football, poker, and inter-personal relationships. Let’s take Sudoku. I was quite proud to do the EVIL level this morning in my all-time best record of 18 minutes. Hmmm, why? Well, I have to put luck first. Or was it that I slept very well last night? Or that I had some exercise before I did the game? Or that I’m feeling the weight lift from my load as I get closer to finishing my latest composition?

Or did an angel hover above me dinging the answers into my brain? Or did I just become a Sudoku genius just this morning?

There are so many variables lurking behind the scene as one plays a game. Your happiness. Your frustration level. Sexual tension or not. Your biochemistry. Exercise or not. High blood pressure or not. Your confidence or lack thereof.

Every game is different.

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