Homer preview: Women Are

March 9, 2008


“Women Are”
Music by Roger Bourland
Words by Mel Shapiro

In this song, O is telling his son Telly how women, that is real women, are — as opposed to the virtual women he met on porn sites. The lyrics say “Women are” and then the music is supposed to finish the end of the musical sentence. I, as a gay man, was a bit nervous about being able to truly complete these sentences, but what I came up with is great fun. I make stylistic gestures and actual quotes of music that might describe what women are. How many can you find? (answer below).


“Rite of Spring” implied, “Here comes the Bride” by Richard Wagner, “Pick a little talk a little” by Rogers & Hammerstein, “Habanera” from Carmen, “Ave Maria” of Schubert, Mozart piano sonata implied, “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin, cakewalk music, “The Stripper” by David Rose, “Hallelujiah chorus” GF Handel, “Heart and Soul.”

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