Stravinsky returns

March 11, 2008


[I am sitting quietly doing my morning Sudoku puzzle, drinking coffee. It’s 5:30 in the morning. I look up and smell the air: tobacco? patchoulli? old scotch? And an ovoid figure hovers into the room and slowly comes into focus. It is Igor Stravinsky, with sun glasses in a kind of safari outfit with sunglasses, smoking with a cigarette holder. He steps down from the cloudlet he appears to be standing on and sits next to me on the couch.]

RB: Igor?
IS: Aha! you know who to pronounce my name! (“eager”) Yes, I hope I have not startled you.
RB: Well, a bit yes, but, I’d rather you not smoke in here.
IS: (looking incredulous) You silly man, what a silly thing to say. I’ve come to encourage you.
RB: Encourage me?
IS: Yes. You are doing very well. You are a bit simple for my tastes, but good none the less. I have even given you some of your ideas. In fact, many of your favorite parts of your musical I have given you.
RB: Oh yeah, whatever.
IS: Do not mock me.
RB: Oh, so now it’s that I am the vessel through which you pass?
IS: Yes but you are not a very good channel. You put your own ideas in which is very annoying to me.
RB: Uh, sorry. I uh….
IS: I must say that I am looking forward to helping you with your next two operas, the 2nd Thornton Wilder chamber opera and your big Mexican opera — whatever her name is.
RB: Yeah, I’m going to call that one DUARTE’S WIVES.
IS: That will be your most famous work.
RB: Oh really? Well that’s nice to know. I look forward to it. Gosh, thanks Mr Stravinsky. I need to finish my Rufus Wainwright book first though.
IS: I don’t understand your attraction for that man.
RB: That’s because you’re not alive.
IS: Yes I am.
RB: No dude. You’re dead. You may have this floaty spirit body sitting here, but you are dead. You can’t get goose bumps anymore, or cry, or dance, or sing.
IS: Well you don’t have to rub it in.

[With that final remark, he stubs out his cigarette on my couch, stands up, blows me a smoky air kiss and floats out the door. I return to my Sudoku puzzle.]

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