Two thirds through the school year

March 17, 2008


For those of us working in academia, as those of you not may remember, our years are divided up by the academic terms. At UCLA we are on the quarter system where we have three 10-week terms per year (wait, shouldn’t that be a tri-mester?), and the second quarter is about over. This week is exam week and next week is spring break.

The most important thing for me to get accomplished by the end of March is to provide a complete piano vocal score for HOMER IN CYBERSPACE as well as a CD with me singing all the parts which will be distributed to the cast and crew on the first day of class. This weekend I finished orchestrating the whole piece and am now going back over each number, cleaning it up, tweaking it, making it pretty, and living with the orchestrations.

Meeting deadlines is an important part of being a composer. I’m happy that I will make this one. I took on the commission before I knew I was going to be Chairman so I am doubly happy that I have survived this trial by fire. I took on a new job, and managed to get the music to a two and a half hour musical done in nine months.

I am determined to take a 2 or 3 month break from composing to finish my Rufus Wainwright book and then move on to MOZART and the GREY STEWARD project this summer. But first I need to review scholarships and teaching assistantships with our Vice Chair. Ah the joys of chairmanship!

[Photo: “IIII” by RB]

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