Course in counterpoint

March 30, 2008

Here is the syllabus for a course in counterpoint at the undergraduate level that I will start on Monday. Students have studied modal and tonal counterpoint in their core music theory courses and is quickly reviewed here. We will explore the counterpoint of people speaking in a group, some percussion studies, and some modal explorations. A fast paced course with daily assignments: keep up or be left behind.

Music 104B––Counterpoint: Review and beyond
Prof Roger Bourland
Spring 2008; MW 9:00 – 10:50
Mancini Studio, Schoenberg Music Building


Week 1: Mar.29, 2008 – Monday
In class: Review of 1st and 2nd species counterpoint
Homework: 1st & 2nd species exercises Due: In class, 4/2
Apr.2 – Wednesday
In class: Performance/playback of exercises; 3rd and 4th species exx.
Homework: 3rd & 4th species counterpoint Due: In class 4/7

Week 2: Apr.7 – Monday
In class: playback of 3rd, 4th exx; 5th species counterpoint
Homework: 5th species Due: In class 4/14 (Monday)
Apr.9 – Wednesday
In class: Sketch 5 species counterpoint

Week 3: Apr.14 – Monday
In class: Playback of 5th species exx; Inventions
Homework: Compose an invention Due: Apr.23 (Wed)
Apr.16 – Wednesday
In class: Invention study and sketching

Week 4: Apr.21 – Monday
In class: Study of inventions; critiques of inventions in progress
Apr.23 – Wednesday
In class: Playback and critique of inventions

Week 5: Apr.28 – Monday
In class: Fugal expositions
Homework: Compose a fugal exposition Due: 5/5 (Mon)
Apr.30 – Wednesday
In class: Fugal expositions: study and sketching

Week 6: May 5 – Monday
In class: Playback of fugal expositions
May 7 – Wednesday
In class: Sketching 2 part rhythmic studies
Homework: 36 measure 2-part exercise for 2 claves Due: 5/12

Week 7: May 12 – Monday
In class: Playback of 2-part pieces; sketching 3-part rhythmic studies
Homework: 36 measure 3-part exercise for 3 non-pitched instruments Due: 5/14
May 14 – Wednesday
In class: Playback of 3-part pieces; Modes and rhythm
Homework: compose a freestyle 2-part contrapuntal exercise using modes (36 ms); Due: 5/19

Week 8: May 19 – Monday
In class: Playback of 2-part modal pieces; rhythmicizing text
Homework: Set the assigned text to a rhythm Due: 5/21
May 21 – Wednesday
In class: perform rhythmicized texts. Sketching 3 part text pcs
Homework: Compose a 3-part piece for 3 speaking voices using a supplied text
Due: 5/28

Week 9: May 26 – MEMORIAL DAY – NO CLASS
May 28 – Wednesday
In class: Performance of 3-part text pieces; plan final projects
Homework: FInal project; may be symphonic, electronic, pop, jazz, but it must incorporate most of the techniques we used this quarter
Due: 6/10

Week 10: June 2 – Monday
In class: critiques of final project in progress
June 4 – Wednesday
In class: critiques of final project in progress

Final exam(projects): Tuesday, June 10, 2008, 8:00 – 11:00 am

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