Rainy Sunday

March 30, 2008

Surprise! Rain in LA. Sunny weather was scheduled but the pacific ocean changed its mind.

Today is the last day of getting everything ready for our first complete rehearsal tomorrow night of HOMER IN CYBERSPACE. I have to print out 35 copies of the music and have it put in 3-ring binders. Then I have to burn 35 data CDs that will contain mp3s of the accompaniment to all the music of the show. This will all, of course, be subject to trimming and expanding as we go along.

I still have one new duet to write and another where we have added another singer.

I’m a bit grouchy that I can’t join Daniel to go up and see all the California poppies in bloom today, or hear Movses’ group play the Ligeti Horn Trio, or Antonio and Richard play at the museum. Someone popped into our home yesterday and peaked into seeing what I was doing. He was amazed at the musical technology. And as he left he said something like “Oh, it’s so glamorous being a composer.” I bolted out of my studio: “‘Boring’ might be a better description for days like today where you guys get to hang out and bound around LA doin’ stuff, and I’m stuck here, as I have for nine months having to work even on weekends.” I don’t think they heard me.

Still, I’m thrilled that today is my last day of obsession with getting HOMER finished, because it will be — it has to be!

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