Our next car

April 2, 2008


Daniel just put a down payment on our next car, an Aptera. Here is the note he sent to our family:

After close to four years of being a single-car household, Roger and I have decided to reserve an Aptera in hopes it will be our second car in 2009. The plug-in hybrid model costs less than $30k and gets over 300MPG. If you are driving less than 60 miles on a full charge, it doesn’t consume ANY gas. Charging it will take about $2 of energy and only 2-4 hours. It’s only being sold in California, is classified by the DMV as a motorcycle, and begins production later this year. Exciting, no?!

I asked him whether there was a James Bond helicopter feature for LA traffic jams but alas, we’ll have to settle for good mileage.

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