A little break

April 17, 2008

Taking my cue from my Deans in an effort to avoid burn-out, I planned a 4-day weekend months ago to Lake Tahoe with Daniel. I figured this would be a good weekend to take off. Well, that didn’t really turn out perfectly — you always leave stuff undone, but sometimes I have to just get over it and get out of town.

I went to a music production meeting for HOMER IN CYBERSPACE; took notes about tweaks here and there; new underscore in various scenes; discussion with the sound guys who tell me what to do with my Logic files. Mel bemoans the loss of the ability of a conductor to hold a moment. Jeremy and I explain the benefits of the pre-recorded track — which is how I wrote it. I’ve asked the singers for requests for tempo fluctuations, which is ultimately how conductors and performers make a moment their own take on that moment. We discussed the transition away from the rehearsal phase to the singing-with-my-accompaniment phase. It’s all very exciting.

Happy birthday to Vitaly Margulis, 80 years yesterday. He had a concert last night where he opened the show with 2 Rachs and a Scriabin, followed by amazing performances by his children, and later, friends. Vladimir Chernov sang two numbers sending us all into ecstacy, and the concert closed with an amusing and brilliant dialog for trumpet and bass where Jens Lindemann filled the air with breath-taking virtuosity as he slowly processed from the back of the hall to the stage.

I’ll be in Lake Tahoe this weekend taking a well deserved break from LA and UCLA. Love ’em, but gotta get away.

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