My blogging antenna

April 21, 2008

When friends tell me they are starting a blog they invariably ask me for advice (sometimes not). One piece of advice I have always given is to try to blog every day. That being said, don’t blog if it feels forced or you are emotionally in a thorny place.

Because of that habit, I am confident there is a blogging neural network in my brain that could be called my blog antenna. In that my blog promises content about music and life, I have a pretty wide range of things I write about. But still, there is always that little magnetic muscle looking at the world from the eyes of a sharer of knowledge and opinion, desiring to share his thoughts through daily posts.

There is a kind of exorcism, or grounding, or confession, or therapy in blogging. One of my friends says that he is shocked that I am so willing to open my life and thoughts to the world. I’ve had to learn to put a family filter on the blog so as to keep my home life private. When things are on my mind, I share them with the people who read my blog, and, in that there is a diary aspect to my blog, to my future self.

There have been a few posts where I have hurled an insult or defensive remark at someone, and with the level playing field of the internet, I am able to talk back to critics. After the initial rush of lobbing that sophomoric water balloon it feels stinky and beneath me. So I’ve learned to not use this platform as a whipping post. (There are plenty of other blogs that do that.)

My guess is that my blogging antenna shares the area of my brain that caused me to be a university professor and a composer. I’m really just a slight more evolved cricket who likes to rub his legs together.

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