Catching up

April 23, 2008

I am starting to catch up with my life. My 3000 email deficit from 2 weeks ago is down to one unread email as of this morning. I couldn’t sleep the other night, worrying that I still had 678 emails to answer, so I stayed up late last night and got through them all.

Lake Tahoe was a great break. I did nothing but look at the beautiful view from our Lodge and read “The Kite Runner.” Even the time stuck in the airport was blessed reilef. No stress, even that was vacation.

Dianne yelled at me yesterday, insisting that I put HOMER second and the Department first, which fortunately I had already resolved to do. I still have a few revisions and some underscoring to do.

I went to a rehearsal last night and saw an ensemble number “Part Time Lover” which is the Sirens part of the story, and OH MY GOD! This is the sexiest stuff I have ever seen on a stage. The actors are terrific, sing and dance their hearts out, and they love the music. AND it’s sexy to boot. I mean REALLY sexy. How did I get so lucky!

I told Mel that we have to collaborate on another musical and he instantly agreed.

I have my yearly Lake Arrowhead retreat this weekend, and Daniel will stay here and have a little birthday party for a dear friend who needs it.

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