Roger Bourland: Portable Concerto for viola (1989)

May 10, 2008


PORTABLE CONCERTO for viola and electronics (1989)

1. Desert Driving
2. Recent Dream and aria
3. Ride my car

Music: Roger Bourland
Performer: Marcus Thompson, viola
Recorded by Christopher Stowens
Yelton Rhodes Music

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Portable Concerto for viola and electronics was written through and NEA commission. Three composers (me, Gary Philo, and Wm Thomas McKinley) wrote pieces for three violists (Walter Trampler, Marcus Thompson, and James Dunham) who each were to play the all the pieces in different cities. It was Paul Reale who convinced me to not “write another piece for the viola graveyard” and to use synthesizers to back up the violist. Here I tap into my rock influences, and at this time I especially loved Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays music.. Here, Marcus Thompson plays on a Composers in Red Sneakers concert.

[Violin shadow, photo © Roger Bourland]

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