The first day of summerish

May 24, 2008

Today isn’t the first day of summer, but it feels like it. Do you remember graduating from high school or college, and what it felt like the first day after you graduated? You just didn’t know what to do without that reality and routine.

This morning I woke up thinking I might have finally finished the musical (you’d think, as the show opens in five days.) It was a kind of “wow, I could do anything today” feeling. So, instead of pinching myself, I thought it best to check my email: silly me — two additions — the wedding music needs to be longer, and one other cue needs to be longer, both so the actors can get off stage without the music stopping before they leave.


But it’s ok. I still have that “school’s out” buzz and it is raining outside, so it is a perfect morning for finishing touches. THEN I’ll do whatever I want to.

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