Putting it all together

May 27, 2008


Being involved with this hi-tech musical has been an exciting process. Last night we saw HOMER IN CYBERSACE — the whole bloody thing — put up for the first time, costumes, sets, makeup, sets, computer animation, videos, dance, music and of course the actors. There are so many components in the show (as in most musicals and operas) it is amazing to see it all put together. Lindsey Turteltaub has been a most effective and brilliant stage manager. Mel Shapiro just shines as a director. He continues to amaze me with his vision, observations and edits, and I have only experienced a fraction of the rehearsal and meeting time that he has.

Even though everything is still raw, most of it flowed pretty well last night and I trust it will congeal with two more dress rehearsals. Opening night is Thursday, and then there are nine performances, followed by the end of the academic year. Whoosh!

The theater is filled with tables and computers. the picture (above) shows some of them, the rest were behind them and in the room above the theater. My computer was NOT on, my work having been completed but now being played back in the room The sound team has the every track of every musical cue I wrote, so each component can be blended and adjusted to the show and the room.

After lots of false alarms, I think the music will be done today. I have one new cue to write before I go to school this morning, then I jump on the bus and have a full day of teaching.

Knowing that summer is right around the corner, I celebrate the busyness that is in the air.

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