HOMER IN CYBERSPACE has its premiere

May 30, 2008


Last night at MacGowan Little Theater on the UCLA campus, HOMER IN CYBERSPACE was premiered to a packed house. The performance was excellent, and considering how much could have gone wrong, the technical side was damn near flawless. Ok, there were a few crackling wireless microphones that fell out from time to time, but besides that I couldn’t have asked for a better performance.

The audience seemed to love it. I scanned the faces from time to time and no one fell asleep, and they looked engaged the whole night. The show flowed better than it ever has. The sound levels were excellent. I did chat with one audience member who fled after intermission saying “I’m hard of hearing and can’t understand anything they are saying. I can’t take it.” We exchanged stories about leaving musicals, finding that we both had a common dislike for CATS and that we both left at the first intermission in that show.

But besides him, people loved, LOVED the show. The word ORIGINAL kept popping up, which made me happy. People agreed that this is a work in the cracks: somewhere between an opera and a musical. And in my mind, it is in the tradition of CARMEN, WEST SIDE STORY, and SWEENEY TODD — all similar in-the-cracks type musical dramas.

My prediction was correct that the final duet would have most reaching for hankies. The final image is devastating.

And to think I get to hear eight more performances! I am one very, very happy composer.

[Photo credit: Nathan Tyree]

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