Fathers write about HOMER IN CYBERSPACE.

June 6, 2008

For my scrapbook and so I can remember, here are miscellaneous comments about HOMER IN CYBERSPACE.
[From my doctor who has a 13-year old daughter. I confessed I wasn’t the right one to ask what was appropriate for a 13-year old girl. I told him that there were gay sirens, but EVERYONE loved them!]

Kudos again on your creative input to this most creative play. In many ways, I’m glad you forgot to mention to me about the “porn” sequence in the beginning or I might have decided not to go. In the end, it was no big deal and we all thoroughly enjoyed the night. It was funny, futuristic and frenetic (how’s that for alliteration?). And did I mention the music? Fantastic.

[Here is advice from one dad (who left the kids at home) to another who is considering bringing his three kids who are under 16 to our show.]

I’d have to advise you not to bring your kids (I’d rate this musical “PG 16”). As Roger has indicated there is no nudity or naughty language, so no worries there, and generally speaking the sexual inuendo is mild enough, but there are suggestions of [word omitted] and — more importantly, from my perspective — lots of images of scantily-clad women viewable by surfing the web. My biggest concern would be to avoid (for another few years, perhaps?) having your son obsessing about surfing the web for pornography. If he is as girl crazy as my son is right now, it’s less the images themselves (which are pretty much on a Victoria’s Secret level) than the dawning realization for a young adolescent male that women are available for them on the internet.

Too bad, because the melodic lines are truly beautiful, and the electronic “orchestration” is exceptionally well-done — it’s clear that the “accompaniment” has to be electronic, but not in the old “beep-boop” sort of way (congratulations, Roger!). From the purely musical standpoint, I think that your daughter would really love it; I’m not so sure about your son.

Last night was a terrific performance. I got to sit between Mark Carlson and Devra and Lester Breslow. Six down, three to go.

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