Old floppies

June 19, 2008


I had a graduate student help me with an interesting project. I have a lot of MIDI files on my old 1980s IBM-AT PC computer, including all the accompaniments for all my GALA cantatas (HIDDEN LEGACIES, LETTERS TO THE FUTURE, and FLASHPOINT/STONEWALL) as well as all my portable pieces (PORTABLE CONCERTO, SHASTA, MIRABEL, and GLAMOUR AND EROS). The accompaniments would have been lost forever, but the computer still runs, and we were able to get the MIDI files extracted from the hard drive. We had to store them on 5.25 floppy disks (remember those?), and send them to a company to have them read, and then they emailed the files to me. It will be a lot of work reorchestrating all that music, but it will be a lot easier now having the basic musical information in these recovered files.

Oy, this brave new world!

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