Friends IV

July 11, 2008


B (see “Friends III“) died this week. H was named the executor of his estate and he has done an excellent job. I only overheard part of the phone calls he made and received and see what an incredible effort and a labor of love it has been. B was H’s sponsor in AA and was a great friend. H was there for B every single day to the end. We should all be so lucky to have an H in our life, whether as a partner or a friend.

H had to deny a group of metaphysical colleagues wanting to do some special blessings on the body, but the mortuary had its limits and H supported them. (I was imagining a replay of Gram Parsons’s famous body kidnapping episode after his death, but no, only a blessing was wished for.)

I photographed his amazing apartment and will go back again this morning to pick up a few more. N flew in from Mexico and she has been staying at B’s.

When H offered for me to come over and take some things, I was hesitant and insisted that he, N, and G all go through first. I loathe the feeding frenzy that is human and animal nature over the property of a recently departed one. I discussed it with Daniel and we both are happy to have just a few things that, when we look at them we say “That’s B!”

B’s nickname was The Red Lion, and he was fortunate to be able to live in the most gorgeous West Hollywood apartment whose front window has a Red Lion in it.

Bon voyage, Lion rouge!

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