July 17, 2008

cicada_fairy_wing_model_sheet.jpgFriends have asked why I am so comfortable sharing my thoughts, fantasies, and life on a blog. I assure them and you that you don’t get them all, although it would be a more popular blog if I did.

It is probably related to my desire to teach, more specifically, to share what I have learned and have found interesting or helpful. It is probably related to my desire to write music and share it with those who are interested in hearing it. Growing up as a budding artist can be difficult. I hope that young people, my students and readers alike, can glean something from my posts.

This blog is still in the top 50 classical blogs (see Steve’s biannual update on his blog) so people are reading it.

I’m a bird. I’m a cricket. I’m a cicada.

[Image © 2005 Tarmle]

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