Getting rid of stuff

July 25, 2008

garage_sale_shopper.jpgLast night we helped Howard pack up Mike’s stuff. You saw a slide show (below) of his stuff, well, the time has come to pack it up and move it out. I was assigned the books. With Mike’s collection, there is an impressive number of metaphysical books, and specifically books on gnosticism. It seemed appropriate that they go to his church’s library. The rest will go sit in Howard’s garage until they find a home, along with all the other tchotchke’s around his house. But it got me thinking.

As I approach my retirement or my end, I’d like to slowly get rid of stuff. My library should be the most fun to give away, or sell. One one hand I could imagine retiring and having a hobby of selling all the stuff I’ve accumulated. On the other hand, to give stuff away that could mean something to the recipient, is so much more fun than leaving it to your executor to dispose of as s/he sees fit.

Among his effects I found concert programs for musical collaborations with Mark Carlson (Love Songs) and another with me (Acts of Love). He had kept the program to the premiere of my ROSARIUM. Nearly 20 albums of photography. Where will they go? Who wants to store two shelves of Mike’s photography?

Mike had only a fraction of what I have, so it hit home that a plan to get rid of stuff is a good plan.

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