Rearranging the house

July 30, 2008

After large projects, or every few years I like to rearrange things. Sometimes it’s just my office. Sometimes it’s the whole place. When you have a studio with lots of wires and equipment, that can take a while. Well, that’s what I did the last three days and I’m pooped. I’m someone who is driven until the job gets done. So I get up early, and work solid without a break until night when I collapse.

I’ve also hooked up my turntable (for LPs, remember them?) and cassette player with the intention of digitizing some old performances, improvisations, and radio interviews. I’ve also decided to digitize some of the films I’ve written music for where the companies have not released the film on DVD. (I can’t wait until the next trend of digitizing every movie ever made and it will all be able to be downloaded at the click of a mouse!) I will post clips of this project over the upcoming year.

Yesterday’s earthquake was a doozy. 5.8 they said. I was in Radio Shack and the single story building was shaken from side to side, but business went on without incident. My dogs and birds didn’t like it so much (the birds call it a cage-quake). None of the precarious glass pieces that I had just put up were knocked down, nor the unsupported book cases. I know, I’m asking for it. Better get some earthquake putty and some L-brackets.

Having delayed doing my taxes, the dining room table is filled with receipts and with any luck, I’ll get them all ready for the accountant by Friday. First I get to have my annual physical exam and find about that suspicious mole or the funny sound in my heart or some other imagined malady.

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