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August 7, 2008


Over the next few months I will be phasing out my website — the fancy and beautiful site designed by Pete Connoly and Daniel Shiplacoff — and expanding my blog so that one can find the same information without having to go to the website. At this point, being alive, I prefer having a dynamic blog that has new content — ideally — daily as opposed to a static information repository. When I die, I hope that this blog will be that repository and not bookshelves and boxes of stuff. Data takes up so much less space.

I will be putting up many recordings of my music here. Visitors to the blog will be able to download the mp3s and build a small Roger Bourland music library in their mp3 repository. I am not charging for any of this music, and as I am not making money on this, nor are the performers you hear. For the most part, I leave the performers anonymous. It is there for your entertainment, and ideally to inspire people to commission me to write new music.

My photography will appear here from time to time, but for the moment I am putting it on Flickr.

No URLs will change so there is nothing you need to do as a reader or contributor. Thank you for reading my blog. RB

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