LPs for days man

August 13, 2008

I have a wall of LPs in my office. It’s not that I am one of those people who insist LPs are better and warmer, I just don’t see the point in replacing them with a CD unless it has a skip or is defective somehow.

I say this, but truth be told, my LP player has been disconnected for the past nine months. Well, with my recent house rearranging, I have the LP player, along with a cassette player/recorder, a VHS player, and a DAT player/recorder all hooked into my computer sound system so that I can digitize an LP, a videotape, or a cassette if I wish to. I’m finding that before I spend the time digitizing an LP, I check to see whether it has been digitized already. If I listen to the LP and decide I may listen to it a lot more I will likely buy the CD or the files.

I have many audio cassettes of my music, improvisations, and radio interviews. I am realizing that I had better get them ripped before they evaporate. I brought a reel to reel master of a concert of my solo instrumental music from the late 1970s in to our recording technician and was told that it was shredding and that it had to get baked. Oh dear.

I know that one of my most faithful commenters, Brad, is likely to be opinionated on the art and science of digitizing audio files. I’d love to post his advice on this issue.

I see that there is now the “Ion LP-Ripping Turntable” (see ad below) that goes directly into computers via USB. Hmm, tempting, but I’ll stick with my old turntable for a bit longer.


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