August 14, 2008


We have had to make some drastic cuts in our department related to the California budget crisis. The process is a painful one but necessary and interesting. To console myself, I think about patterns in nature, where when you cut off a branch, two grow back. Pruning is a pattern and is always good for the plant. The pruning is either done by natural causes, or by a wise gardener, or an administrator who has to make cuts to their budget.

Yesterday, four of us were wracking our brains over trying to find ways to cut. We spent 45 minutes and only cut $7000, then we found a forgotten expense that erased it. Then all of a sudden, bang, bang, bang, and we came up with excellent solutions that did the least amount of curricular damage. What I loved was the ‘bang bang’ part where all of a sudden, we all came up with the solution to our cuts in one minute.

[Image by less like math]

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