Singing for my supper

August 26, 2008

On Sunday, two days after our Mill Valley marriage, Richard and Paul invited two dear friends for lunch. Tatyana and Serge are terrific people and the fact that they came bearing jamon iberico had me prejudiced in their favor from square one.

I have tried to get HOMER IN CYBERSPACE out of my head for months and only recently am I replacing it with other music. (There IS a FIREBIRD loop that goes on forever in my head like an alternate form of tinnitus.) Richard, always a great fan of my music, was unable to come to any performances of HOMER because his husband Paul wrecked his leg and couldn’t walk. So, in that Richard had just married us I figured I could sing for my supper and sing some excerpts form HOMER. I did so on Friday night after our marriage; I did in the car driving in Richard’s Black Prius; and for the Russian contingent on Sunday. It was great fun to revisit but my brain is infected again. Daniel played all the accompaniments on his iPhone and was able to hook it up to the house PA or the car sound system.

As I sang, I celebrated the response: Richard just smiled greatly the entire time; Daniel looked at me lovingly; Serge looked transfixed; and Paul and Tatyana let their hair down (and then some) and danced and mimed and sang along like teenagers. Schubert would have loved it. I love it when music can physically grab people like this.

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