Our Joker

August 29, 2008

Today we went to Universal Studios. We started with The Mummy Ride, then The Simpsons Ride, and then Jurassic Park. All were wonderful, but seemed short. “You mean that’s it?” I found myself saying. And everything had too much jabber before the ride with people standing around waiting for doors to open. We went to every ride except Curious George because we didn’t want to get wet again.

The place is like a smaller version of Disneyland. Everything is cut down, which is fine for me. The layout is wonderful.

The most annoying thing about the entire experience is the constant loud music and talking over the loudspeakers. I will bring earplugs next time. They don’t need to do this to keep us happy. We ate at the terrible restaurant next to Jurrasic Park and we hear violent crazy music the entire time while we were trying to eat. Someone needs to hire a sonic overseer of the park or fire the current one.

We wandered over to the Citywalk. Roger found a make up artist, and for $25 he got to be painted like his current superhero: The Joker (Heath Ledger). He looks fairly convincing, dont’ you think?

James Roger Bourland as The Joker

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