Uncle Bo and Little Roger

August 29, 2008


This weekend I have a special guest: James Roger Bourland, son of my brother, Andrew Bourland, and Susan Casey. I’m looking foward to pretending like I’m a tourist in LA and do everything I’ve always wanted to do but have been too busy to do. “Little” Roger will be 14 next week and now is almost as tall as I am. My family’s nickname for me as a boy was “Bo” and I’m still called that by them. So watch out LA: Uncle Bo and Little Roger are on the loose.

Yesterday we started our vacation dining at the LAX theme restaurant, ENCOUNTER, and had a lovely lunch there. Then we went to UCLA, toured the campus and got a UCLA jacket for Roger’s birthday. After a little drive through Beverly Hills we went home where I set him up with a Wii and he played with that for a couple of hours. Then last night we went to the CineramaDome to watch TROPIC THUNDER on an enormous screen. Today we will go to Universal Studios and spend the day. So i am tapping into my inner 13-year old and having a blast.

[PS: Happy birthday to my sister, Elizabeth!]

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