Vacation in Kauai

September 10, 2008

After a long a busy year and just before school starts, I’m on a vacation on Kauai with my spouse, and two colleagues from UCLA (Mitchell and Mark — see below). We saved all year long to rent a wonderful modern house for a long week in Hanalei called the Tiki Home.

After our arrival on Friday we got up early to go to the local farmers market a block away. An amazing variety of fruits and vegies were there for those who got there in time.


All over the island are roosters and chickens, scattered by Hurricane Iniki in 1992. We found out from a waiter that the cocks were used for fighting. We had determined that I would catch the hen, Mitchell would break its neck, Daniel would pluck it, and Mark would have nothing to do with it. After learning that the hens were a bit “gamy” tasting, we compromised and took pictures instead.


On Tuesday we decided to make the trip to the other side of the island to see Waimea Canyon Outlook (The Grand Canyon of Hawaii). The views were spectacular and the drive grueling but worth it.

Waimea Canyon

On the drive back we had dinner in Poipu but first had to see the grand blow hole known as the Spouting Horn.


We ate at The Tidepools Restaurant and were visited by the many koi that Mitchell and Daniel couldn’t resist feeding Hawaiian bread.


We have made fabulous dinners, ate out at some lovely restaurants, swam at many beaches, body surfed, gone for walks, played gin rummy, Sudoku and crossword puzzles, read books, took naps, did a little work (which my colleagues keep scolding me for doing), watched movies, and surfed the internet. Yes, there have been some amusing moments where the four of us were sitting around each with a laptop in his lap. I get up with the roosters at 5 am, and Mitchell and Daniel have enjoyed catching up on sleep. It rains, pours, and sprinkles every day which we love because after a bit, the clouds leave and the sky is blue.

I still find this island a miracle in that that there is this little world out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve taken a little vacation from blogging and may or may not make more posts this week, but I’ll be back next week.


[Photos by Daniel Shiplacoff]


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