New black car!

September 23, 2008

I just participated in one of the American dreams: to put a hundred down and buy a car. Well, it was over a thousand and I’m leasing it (2008 Acura TL, black with beige interior). I’m gambling that there will be a great selection of electric or hybrid cars at the end of the three year lease and I’m not ready to get a Prius. When Steve commented to me that he drove with a friend to Las Vegas, and with air conditioning on the Prius got 39 mpg, and his TL got 31. Mark likes his Prius but hates the seats. R&P sold their Jaguars (sic) and bought two Prii (Priuses?) with all the bells and whistles. We almost got the electric Aptera but I was nervous about its ability to handle tall people, so I’ll wait until 2.0 comes out.

Until then, I can talk on the phone and shout commands to my car and it minds me completely. Sigh, I guess I’m finally an adult.

School starts for UCLA on Thursday. I’ve been planning my big class and getting ready for the year to begin. I hope to get my blogging rhythm back up to speed and subscribe to the paper all week instead of just the weekend.

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