LA Fall

October 25, 2008

Although not as colorful as a New England fall, Los Angeles is having its fall. Santa Ana winds and hot dry weather together with fires along Sepulveda Blvd alongside the 405 have added color to the sky and particulate matter for we breathing types. Jenny and Matias are down for a wedding and staying with us. They have 4 month old Katherine with them. Katy has been a beautifully behaved infant with lots of personality. But she, her mom, dad, and my husband are all suffering from the dry skin from this weather. I guess I’m acclimated to it.

I finished excerpting the numbers from HOMER IN CYBERSPACE yesterday. I’ve decided to not slavishly put the songs up on this blog in their original order, but bounce around. The next song I’ll post is one of the most beautiful: “I used to be beautiful” which turns into “you are so beautiful” in the final duet of the show “My one thing.”

With the economy in turmoil as it is, and the election coming up, and friends and family in tough times, I still find much to be happy about and am feeling generally happy these days. I still have not written a note of music since May and am building up a huge momentum. Starting a new piece today would likely give rise to an UP piece. It’s an exciting build up, like looking forward to a date.

I’m reading a book called THE NOTORIOUS BYRD BROTHERS about the album by the same name. This is one of my favorite Byrds albums, but it was a rocky time for the group. Rick Menck paints an interesting backdrop to the album that adds a new dimension to appreciating that great band.

Mark O’Connor gave a second talk in my theory class on Thursday, and spoke about his music as being “American Music” (I think that was the phrase). He beautifully illustrated various passages in his own music that showed influences from a wide variety of countries.

His evocation of a train was charming. There was the violin as the chuga chuga chuga faster and faster aspect, and the woo wwooooo whistle. This, according to Mark, is American.

I could barely go to sleep the other night after his concert. His breakneck speed on the violin is exhilarating.

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