The record bombed

October 26, 2008

I read from time to time about a recording artist issuing a record that “bombed.” Even singles that get to number 45 in the top 100 chart can be seen as “bombing” but usually meaning that this single didn’t do as well as the artist’s previous “hits.”

Classical composers should be so lucky to “bomb” like pop artists do. Last time I checked, a major orchestra releasing a great performance of a popular classical composition will do extremely well if they sell 5000 copies. [I will update this figure when I find statistics.] Sales on this level will not likely attract producers of POPULAR music.

When I read that Gene Clark’s first solo album after leaving the Byrds “bombed” I was disappointed. I LOVED that album, so it surely didn’t “bomb” for me.

So, the word bomb is a commercial description for “didn’t sell” that does not necessarily imply an inferior product.

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