Talk for the Milken School

November 10, 2008

Russell Steinberg invited me to visit a few of his classes at the Milken School. There is one room that is “the music room” and both classes were there. The students were smart, ranged from 9th grade to 12th, and had all been studying an instrument for 8 to 11 years. I spoke to them about college and then a bit about being a composer and a musician. It’s a vital school and Russell is doing a terrific job with the students.

There was one moment that was priceless.

A girl came up as said “Dr Steinberg, I’m sorry I couldn’t be in class last time, I had to go to my brother’s bris.” The good doctor forgave her and immediately the class burst into chatter about who had been to a bris recently.

That was an excuse for missing class I had never heard.

[Photo by Russell Steinberg]

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