My newly retooled music theory class

November 17, 2008

Take a look at the syllabus of the theory class I’m teaching this quarter. It has students from all three music departments: Music, World Music, and Music History. I am having a blast combining them. The syllabus has the current week at the top. Look at some of the videos we’ve discussed in class. We’ve also done good work on our species counterpoint to balance the rock n roll. Now, on to harmony. This week, everything is I, IV, and V. Listen to Week Eight to hear chords that just have one chord (Madonna), two chords (Rufus Wainwright and Miss Peggy Lee) and then on to I IV V with Louie Louie, Twist and Shout, Guantanamara, Guantanamera, Winterlude, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, and Homeless.

If you don’t know I IV V, listen to Celia Cruz teach it to you in “Guananamara.” Listen to the bass go “ONE” “FOUR” “FIVE” over and over again. It’s a poor quality video but a great performance.

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