Cirque-Beatles: LOVE

January 12, 2009

This past weekend, Daniel and I sat in the front row of Cirque du Soleil’s Las Vegas production of LOVE – an acrobatic fantasy based around the music of the Beatles. I was in heaven: I sang along with every shred of music that went by. The 50-something guy sitting next to me drank Scotch out of a large paper cup and sang along blissfully from time to time. I looked over at the section to our left: no one was singing, but all were in a trance, looking completely happy. I could identify every shred with the exception of two quasi-orchestral connector cues. My guess is that they might have been rejects from the orchestral score to YELLOW SUBMARINE. Songs from all time points of their oevre were mixed and mashed together — there was a few places where three songs were piled on top of each other. The music was loud without being deafening.

There was another element to the wall-to-wall music that made me think: the music was prerecorded. There may have been performers somewhere doing transitions, but it seemed like performer-less music: a collage of Beatles music — not about performance per se. The performance component was Cirque du Soleil. They paralleled the music beautifully. No scene ever seemed to go on too long. They are brilliant athletic artists.

If you ever need an excuse to go to Las Vegas, this is one. Tourism is down there, so if you decide you want to go somewhere and get some good deals, go see and hear LOVE. If you are truly a Beatles fan, you can’t miss this.

Here is an ad, so if you decide you want to go, the number to call is at the end of the clip.

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