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January 27, 2009

OakWebWorks Tickets published a Top Ten Classical Music Blogs list recently, with an interesting selection. Yours truly came in at number three. The company that made this list sells tickets to all kinds of events around the US. Here is the criteria, as listed in my notification email:

How frequently the site is updated
Quality of the writing
The age of the site
Unique information offered & overall usefulness
Other factors & our own personal opinions

I’ve reblogged their top ten list here for your information.

It’s easy to read and easy to navigate. Sequenza21 has the tagline “the contemporary classical music community” and the blog is updated by a team large enough to be a community. It’s a great place to learn about everything that’s going on in the world of classical music.

The Standing Room
The Standing Room tackles classical music with a well designed blog that has lots of links, lots of information and a sense of humor. Their reading room is a great feature.
Roger Bourland is a composer and music professor who does a little blogging on the side. Granted, his status within the classical music community elevates his blog (which can stray off topic) but there’s enough information and great videos to make up for it.

The Omniscient Mussel
Colorful and energetic, The Omniscient Mussel features several entries on some of the world’s greatest classical music. In some ways it’s what you might have seen had the internet be around in the times of Brahms. The blog has tons of features and links, including a weekly contest.

Thirteen Ways – Adventures (In New Music) With eighth blackbird
Thirteen ways is a blog written by eighth blackbird, a Grammy award winning chamber music sextet. Their simple blog contains news, behind the scenes action, reviews of their concerts, as well as observations and musing on other topics from the world of classical music. It’s a very fun blog.

Parterre Box
Parterre Box is stylized and glamorous, but still a very informative blog about opera. It’s billed as a “queer opera zine” and is updated by La Cieca, the site’s “cultural doyenne.” The highlight of the blog, besides La Cieca’s witty writing, is a section called “unnatural acts of opera.” Check it out.

Classical Convert
Classical Convert features the tagline, “classical music for non classical people.” This is the blog to start with if you’re new to the classical music world. Blogger Ben is a solid writer and among his blog’s many features are primers to classical music. Only a subpar design keeps this blog from ranking higher.

Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog
Yes, it’s a blog dedicated to the double bass, but it’s full of great features like double bass news, stories, downloads, podcasts, and history lessons. Jason’s friendly and inviting blog is a good read whether you play a double bass or not.

Think Denk
Jeremy Denk is a concert pianist and while his blog is fascinating and insightful, his entries are few and far between. Apparently, he spends most of his free time practicing instead of blogging—what’s up with that? Still, his blog is a wonderful glimpse into the life of a world famous classical musician.

Patricia Mitchell blogs in a conversational style and she does so very frequently. While Patricia is an oboist, her site encompasses the entire world of classical music, not just the oboe. She admits her site is cluttered, but even so, Oboeinsight is a good read with lots of information, features and links.

The aforementioned blogs are worthy of a visit and a bookmark. Each site has a different design, each site approaches classical music from a different perspective, but all the sites have one thing in common… a passion for classical music.

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