Some dance, some take pictures

April 12, 2009

As most of my friends know, at weddings, I love to dance. Last night, after Gareth and Jenny’s wedding, the music started and after G&J danced, everyone went out on the floor to join in. Well, for one number, then all of G’s buddies (design and filmmakers from UCLA), went the opposite side of the room to take pictures. The wedding photographer had set up a “take your picture” arrangement where people could press a button, wait 7 seconds, and then have their picture taken. I was disappointed that none of them wanted to dance: they just wanted to take silly pictures for G&J.

Then I realized that these people are all visual people. They celebrate visually, not musically. There were “dancing” in their own way. I sighed, and returned to the dance floor and danced with strangers: wives, single women, and other dancing fools in attendance. Mike Horowitz teased that at weddings, the first hour was “the Roger hour” where I lit up the dance floor.

Sigh. Everyone is different, and that is a good thing. Right?

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