Culture and catching up

April 19, 2009

On Wednesday I went to the opening of BELOVED UPON A TIME, a full length musical at Royce Hall with music by one our our graduate students, Adam Gilberti, who rose to the occasion a produced a wonderful set of songs. Having trouble sitting for long periods of times these days I only stayed for an hour, which looked as though it would go on for another three. All of our closest straight couple friends are white plus Korean, so I felt I had had enough Korean culture for one night.

On Thursday, Ronnie and I went to hear Esa Pekka’s terrific and farewell performances of OEDIPUS REX and SYMPHONY OF PSALMS. Bill Kraft and I groused in the corner at intermission, complaining about the same issue, which I’ll omit here. Suffice it to say, the music didn’t need long interludes of slowly paced verbal dreaming, which dear Peter added, IMHO (and Bill’s). Ronnie and I both had a half dozen oysters, moules frites, and a lovely cab before.

On Saturday, Daniel and I met several new friends at Howard’s home. It became apparent that their bond was AA. Each had tremendous depth and smarts. One told us of several pop veterans who are still in bad shape from too much drugs/booze; Interesting behind the scenes political stories (her father was in California govt) and how she has helped younger alcoholic children. Another was an Oscar winning behind the scenes sound man. When I said the phrase “perforated septum” he jumped in and said “I have one of those; from too much blow.” He amazed us with interesting stories from his life, near death experiences, hitting bottom scenarios, and professional achievements. They all seemed in very good places, having heard how low they had at one time been. Daniel and I didn’t refrain from having a few glasses of wine; they didn’t seem uncomfortable at all.

After what was probably the busiest week I’ve had all year, things are slowing down, and I’m catching up. Today I grade 50 pop song analyses (many of my students are out in Coachella Valley this weekend. OY! It’s hot in LA today, probably broiling out there.); double check a TA’s grading of some chord progressions, work on promotion letters for five faculty members, work on the teaching assignment for next year, and then go to an undergraduate composer concert at 5 pm. Then, I come home, have dinner, watch a movie and veg.

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