Loza blend

May 7, 2009

Today Prof Steve Loza visited our class to share is passion. Of Mexican heritage, he studied classical music in college, but wanted more and became profoundly curious to learn of his own heritage, and ultimately became an Ethnomusicologist, but keeping his feet in performing and composition.

He spoke of the blend of indigenous, Spanish, and black cultures intermarrying in Latin America, and that it really became a new race. Besides the historical accounts of the blending of the different races and cultures, he stressed that one can hear the mix in the music. He played examples and quizzed the class as to what they heard, and their ears were well-tuned.

As there are no pure races any longer, it was refreshing to hear a professor embracing being Mestizo or Hapa, or, as Americans call them, mutts. (I prefer the Mexican appellation.)

Making the connection between musical languages, race, and culture tickled my brain.

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