Alan Tower

May 31, 2009

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Alan Tower and I fell out of touch for a while but reconnected this weekend. We have been friends since 1971, from the dorms in UW Madison and were able to spend five hours on Saturday night talking, eating, and playing music. He says I taught him guitar and was an early spiritual teacher as well. He’s surpassed me in both of those areas of late. His career is blooming, and he is fusing his cosmic philosophies and concern about the earth, into his musical persona.

One of the highlights of our visit was his asking me to sit down for a vibrational massage. He pulled out one of his triple chambered huacas (a custom made ocarina with roots in South America) and played right into my face. Later he sat me under a self-made wooden umbrella, designed to hear inside that space. He jerry-rigged a one octave pump organ with holes on a piece of wood, each with a little ivory lever that slides to the side. The more open the hole is, the louder. He pretuned the chord to be a 1-5-8 octave and fifth drone. I was encouraged to sing along, which I did. I tapped into my Tibetan Buddhist tendencies and started singing low tones. After a few minutes, I actually got down to a low G (sic).

Later we sang some Beatle songs, PERFECTLY in tune. Our blend was remarkable. All that singing was the perfect exorcism for a stressful week in the state of California in May 2009.

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