Bourland choral music: Dickinson Madrigals Book 3 (1985)

July 2, 2009

Dickinson Madrigals Book 3 (1985) SATB
1. Glee four forty
2. How lonesome the wind
3. The earth has many keys
4. Giant rain
Music: Roger Bourland
Poetry: Emily Dickinson
Published by Yelton Rhodes Music, Los Angeles
Donn Weiss conducts the UCLA Chorale

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For this set I decided to try SATB, as the last two had been for women’s chorus. This set has four movements, where the other two have five, and to my ears it matches the other two in shape and style. I cut the fifth movement because it was just too dorky. I’ll leave swing choir music to those that know how to do it.

I wrote this set for my late friend and colleague, Donn Weiss who ran the choral program at UCLA for decades.

This was the black sheep of the set for me. The fact that I so disliked the fifth movement left an icky film on the others. Now that I hear this set twenty two years later, the set of four works just fine.

I have no plans to do a Book IV, but you never know.


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