Bourland choral music: Three Clouds (1975)

July 2, 2009

Three Clouds for chorus (1975)
1. Cirrus
2. The Great Red Spot
3. Celestial
Music: Roger Bourland
Christopher McGann, directs UW Madison Chamber Singers

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This piece should be put in my folder called “juvenilia.” I was an ardent anti-tonalist here, my heroes late Stravinsky sacred choral music, and Ligeti’s “Requiem.” Each movement explores a different kind of cloud phenomenon aurally. The first: cirrus clouds as whispers; second: the staggering beauty of the Great Red Spot against Jupiter and a feeling of hovering; and finally, a Swedenborgian (yes, I was reading him at that time) cloud of angels creating a choral texture not unlike Stravinsky’s eccentric 12-part interludes in “Requiem Canticles.”

I can’t guarantee all will like this piece, but for the record, here it is.

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