Bourland choral music: Alarcon Madrigals Bk2 (2002)

July 3, 2009

Alarcon Madrigals, Book 2 (2002)
1. I want to stop being an endless night
2. Wind
3. Bird
4. Both page and pen
5. Matriarch
6. Another language

Music: Roger Bourland
Poetry: Francisco X Alarcon
Iris Levine conducts Vox Femina
The Tolerance Project June 22, 2002

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In the late 1990’s, a new women’s chorus was formed in Los Angeles by Iris Levine (Chair, Pomona College, Dept of Music) called Vox Femina. In their early days they sang some of my Dickinson Madrigals and a few of the numbers from Alarcon Madrigals, Book 1. Book 2 was commissioned by Vox Femina and was recorded on their “Simply” CD in 2002.

We have developed a marvelous relationship since then. They commissioned two more pieces after this one. Their favorite piece of this set has been “Both page and pen” — an erotic number that is fun to sing. This set is a bit less Spanish sounding, carrying on the language set in motion in the Dickinson Madrigals.

Vox Femina

Vox Femina

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