New directions in music criticism?

July 13, 2009

A raw, angry, and provocative must-see interview from XXXXX, music critic of many publications, who has seen the need for and income from his reviews plummet. Bloggers (I guess, like me, although I have no plans of replacing a music critic: they’d have to pay me to do that) are doing it for free. It’s a transition to a new way of thinking about music criticism. I’ll leave it to much smarter scholars than I to sort out what lies ahead. I know that my blog readership is higher than some well respected music critics, but I think that that is only the case because I’ve been doing it longer ON THE WEB. Bloggers who stick to it, build readership. My readership statistics show a very slow rise since January 2006. Any blogger or critic on the web who sticks to it, will show a gradual rise over the years.


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