Uncle Roger

August 1, 2009

In that my husband is 32, all of our married (straight) friends are having babies. Jenny keeps teasing me that I’m a baby magnet as her daughter, Katie, 14 months, thinks I’m the best.

So far, most of the babies are girls. Lately there have been more boys in the mix. Last night we went to Joe and Yumi’s house, who have 2 boys, age 2 and 3. I sat on a rug after dinner and became a human trampoline. Baby boy energy is very different than baby girl energy. They want to be held, be chased, chase them, throw the ball, and in general be a bit more crazy. I was exhausted by the end of evening, but what fun.

Daniel leaned over and said “shall we have one?” I think the answer is still no, as I would be 74 when they turn 18, which I guess is possible, but a BIG undertaking. I think Uncle Roger works just fine.


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