Pre vs. iPhone

September 24, 2009

In our recent trip to London, Paris and the south of France, we left our Pre’s home having only a 1st generation iPhone to text and use Google maps. I missed my Pre a lot. I loved the iPhone for the first two years, but as Joni Mitchell says, “you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” Once you experience the webOS operating system on the Pre, going back to the iPhone is so 10 years ago. I don’t deny that the aps on the iPhone are fab, but remember that it didn’t have ANY apps it’s first year. The Pre is slowly catching up in that realm.

At dinner on Monday, Stephanie, Kevin, Daniel and I, all Pre owners, were all sitting around after dinner discovering and singing the praises of various aps. It was a total Pre-Nerd experience. Last night Jim Kelly came over for dinner. Afterward he asked whether I’d call him a cab. “Look it up on your iPhone” I yelled across the house. He started looking. I returned to the table, sat down and typed in YELLOW CAB, and bingo there was the number. He was still trying to get online.

Susan M is the iPhone App Queen on our faculty and I’m impressed with the 3G speed on her new model,and I regularly have ap-envy when she whips out her latest cool ap. But I am confident that the new Palm webOS is superior, and despite being a long-time Apple devotee, I have happily switched to Palm for my mobile computing. I love my Pre, look forward to playing around with the new Pixi, and can’t wait to see what new devices Palm trots out next year!

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