Hooked on being connected

November 4, 2009

Our internet service has been mostly down lately. I came home from work yesterday, hopped on the computer. No internet. I tried to rip off our neighbor’s wifi connection but it kept dropping out. I realized how tied to the internet connection I am/we are.

Things pop into my mind: oh, I need to order those shoes. Too bad–no internet. What’s the name of that…? Too bad, no internet. I need to check.. Ah, too bad; no internet. OH! I need to remember to email…, oops, no internet.

I plopped down on the sofa and pouted. After decompressing, I read a bit more of Dan Brown’s fun “The Lost Symbol.” Then I went up stairs, tried in vain to log on again for 15 minutes before giving up again. Then I sat down and worked on my book for two hours. Before going to bed I tried to log on again with no luck.

This morning by some miracle, a little connection appeared, so I am posting all the blogs that have been waiting in my head. I better hurry before I get kicked off again. The ATT repair guy is coming on Friday. The company is so oversubscribed they can’t effectively take care of us anymore. And being without an internet connection sucks.

Internet gravity is palpable.

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