New look for the blog and fattening time

December 1, 2009

Wow! It’s like driving a new car. Santa came early here in bourlandland and brought me a new blog look with HTML 5 under the hood. It is so much more powerful than previous site themes, so expect to see some new widgets running down the side as I get more time. I will be working on the “listening room” portion of the blog to make it easier to traverse.

It’s the last week of class here at UCLA. We are all looking forward to our holiday break. In our new class, some students are still thinking it’s a “music theory” class, which it just isn’t. We realized that making major changes will take time, find the bugs, find out what works and what doesn’t, what is efficient, what not, and what is appropriate to a large class format and what is not.

There seems to be a new trend among many of my friends: multiple Thanksgiving dinners. I guess everyone feels guilty that I, or whoever, was not invited to the main dinner, so satelite dinners spring up all over the place for several weeks. I guess it’s just fattening time and we all like to do it.

I’ve been digitizing some old photos lately, a tedious but rewarding task. I tend to agree that the photo books of the future will all be on screens; photo books never seem to age well as paper. I imagine I’ll be posting some of them here from time to time. Here’s one: it’s my mother’s mother, pregnant with my mother. [Nancy Arnold Rhodes, in Flemingsburg KY]
Nancy Arnold Rhodes

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