Hadjidakis: Pornographia (1983) arr. Bourland

December 6, 2009

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Music and lyrics: Manos Hadjidakis
Arranged by: Roger Bourland
Performer: Elli Paspala

In 1983 I flew to Athens to work for Manos Hadjidakis (“Never on Sunday” fame), orchestrating his new musical, “PORNOGRAPHIA.” He kept saying “not sexual pornography, political pornography.”

I worked all day in a hot hotel room with a small noisy fan, transcribing improvisations and old songs, as well as arranging some music for the show. We would eat dinner at 11 pm and I’d get to sleep by 2. Dinner was mostly in Greek, which I don’t speak. Manos would look at me every night and say “All Greek to you, eh?”

I stumbled across a cover of the main song from the show. There are lines and counterpoints in this from my arrangement, but the instrumentation has been changed. Nonetheless, you’ll get an idea what a good song it is.

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