Remixed and mastered Beatles: old

January 13, 2010

J & M ignored my Scrooge attitude about Christmas and gifted me the complete set of remixed and remastered Beatles in stereo. Daniel got the flash drive version.

I opened each beautifully-made fold-out CD, ripped it onto my computer and watched the little 3-5 minute video that comes with each disc.

The music sounds terrific. Better than ever. I’ll be writing about some reflections on the experience of getting through the set in later posts. But I have to confess something upfront: this is music I grew up with, so it’s a bit odd that the music I was listening to as a kid is still so hugely popular today.

I remember dancing “continental style” with Lisa Mattick to “Yesterday” in 5th grade. I remember her warm cheek against mine. I remember her dress. I remember the sweet crackle of the sound of my old 45 of that song. I remember playing that opening F major chord on the guitar and how it kinda hurts playing a bar chord on the 1st fret. I remember every appearance on Ed Sullivan. I kept, and still have, a scrapbook of Beatles clippings. I did my early “ear training” by sitting with my guitar in front of the record player, playing passages over and over until I figured it out on the guitar. Then I did the same thing for their piano songs. I learned all this music as it came out, and played it with my friends, especially Todd Buffa and John DeVillers. I remember the day “We Can Work it Out” came out and how happy I felt. And the hot psychedelic radio premiere of “Day in the Life” — wow we had never heard anything like it.

So all these memories are like a strange haze that hangs over the music.

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